Some tips on choosing the right surgeon

Liposuction treatment is often mistaken as a tool for weight loss. Liposuction should be chosen to eliminate stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to conventional weight loss measures. The procedure is most effective in patients who are not obese, but have stubborn deposits of fat in specific body areas. Excess fat that is present in the buttocks, upper arms, hips, abdomen and thighs can be removed effectively through this process.

When it comes to various techniques of body sculpting, laser liposuction is definitely the best procedure. Fat deposits in various areas are liquefied with the help of laser energy. It is essential to choose a good plastic surgeon for laser liposuction, for enjoying excellent results.

Experience over cost

Qualification and experience: While taking into consideration a good surgeon, his/her qualifications should be verified. An experienced surgeon will make sure that you have a safe and comfortable body contouring experience. The surgeon should have adequate training and experience in providing various plastic surgery procedures. Basically, different cosmetic surgeons have different specializations but not everyone is capable of performing laser liposuction. You should ensure that the surgeon is qualified and experienced in performing the procedure utilizing the latest laser liposuction devices. It would be great if liposuction is provided using Cynosure’s Smartlipo Triplex.

Check the before and after photos of patients: The experience of previous patients is not enough for predicting the expertise of the surgeon. To make sure that quality results are achieved, check out the before and after gallery of the surgeon. This will help in evaluating the work of the surgeon better. You can request for these photos during the time of consultation. You can also talk to the previous patients of the surgeon. If a surgeon is good, he will have various patients who will readily speak about their experiences. Surgical facilities: Before this procedure, you should check out the surgical facilities available with the surgeon. The plastic surgery center should be officially accredited. This will make sure that there is absolute conformation to the required safety standards.


The above guidelines should help you find the right plastic surgeon in Kansas for your laser liposuction procedure.

In the web, you can find surgeons renowned for providing effective plastic surgery procedures using Smartlipo Triplex. During your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will give you all the required information regarding the procedure suitable for you. He/she will take your cosmetic goals into consideration when providing the cosmetic surgery so that you benefit from the best aesthetic results close to your expectations. Here are some of the benefits ensured by Smartlipo laser liposuction:

  • Attractive body contouring results
  • Fat removal along with effective skin tightening
  • High-definition sculpting capabilities
  • Minimum discomfort and minimal trauma
  • Minimal bruises, bleeding and swelling
  • Minimal downtime

Traditional versus Laser Liposuction

Traditional liposuction surgery can make the body slimmer, but it also has some dark sides which are now covered by the new age liposuction device.

In traditional lipo, there is a likelihood of flabby skin after the fat is removed. But in laser lipo, there is no flabby skin left because there is simultaneous skin tightening. Traditional lipo is carried out under general anesthesia with the possibility of complications, whereas laser lipo is done under local anesthesia and therefore safer. Traditional lipo is associated with more pain than laser lipo. Downtime is more for traditional lipo, while with laser lipo patients can get back to work more quickly

When considering liposuction, make sure that you approach a surgeon providing services from an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery center. A reliable surgeon and a well-equipped facility will ensure you a safe and comfortable surgical experience. Find out also whether the facility has caring and supportive staff to assist the surgeons in patient care.

After the liposuction treatment of your choice, follow all the instructions of your plastic surgeon to maintain the good aesthetic results.

Liposuction – General Overview of Procedure and Benefits

Fat or Adipose tissue can be easily found in several places in the human body. In simple terms, fat is found underneath the skin throughout your body. This is called subcutaneous fat. Some fat tissue is also present on top of your kidneys. In addition to developed fat tissue, some fat cells are also stored in your liver, and a very small amount in the muscle. The presence of fat in a particular location in the body depends upon your gender.

An adult man tends to have more fat stored in the chest, buttocks and abdomen. This produces an apple shape.

An adult woman tends to have more fat stored in the breasts, waist, buttocks and hips. This produces a pear shape.


An interesting fact is that fat cells don’t generate after puberty. Since the body stores more fat, they remain the size. However, if you don’t use some effective weight loss techniques, they tend to increase in size.

Liposuction – Effective Fat Cells Removal 

Liposuction is one of the most common and perfect surgical procedures for removing fat cells from your body. It is the most effective weight loss solution. In this procedure, small, thin and blunt tipped tubes are carefully inserted via little incisions on the skin. Fat from your body is suctioned from these tubes. The doctor moves the tubes slightly under your skin. This allows him to target specific fat deposits in your body.

In most cases, this surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. A patient may choose between a doctor’s clinic, hospital or ambulatory surgery center. Once the surgery has been performed, you don’t need to stay in the hospital overnight. However, there are times when you may have to stay overnight if a huge volume of fat is removed from the body.

At times, doctors also use local anesthesia during the procedure. A patient may also be given a mild sedative to help him relax. If a very large volume of fat is being removed from the body, you may be given some heavy sedation and general anesthesia. There are many people who have some unrealistic expectations from liposuction. It is important to understand its effects on your health and appearance. This has been explained below.

Key Benefits of Liposuction 

In most cases, lipo is quite effective for removing fat cells from your body to help you lose weight. However, it is important to eat a healthy diet and perform regular exercise to make sure you don’t gain weight. When the surgery is finished, you will notice drastic improvement in your appearance. It will be easily visible for weeks. In the meantime, the swelling caused by the surgery will diminish. After one year, you will be able to notice all the positive effects of the procedure.

Liposuction can permanently remove harmful and unwanted fat cells from the body. This can improve your appearance and overall health. Moreover, liposuction can also reduce the risk and treat various medical issues, such as :

  • Lipomas
  • Gynecomastia
  • Lipodystrophy Syndrome

Liposuction is one of the best ways to get rid of fat cells and lose weight. However, before you choose this surgical procedure to lose weight, you need to consider all the factors, and discuss everything with a medical professional or you may visit

Things to Know About Liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure that helps in removing excess fat from the body. It is also known as lipoplasty. People pursue this procedure in order to improve the appearance of their body. This procedure removes excess fats from the body by using suction. In this procedure, thin, small blunt tipped tubes are been inserted in the body that is done by making small cuts in the skin. The fats are been removed by the doctor through these tubes. The main purpose of this procedure is to reshape one or more areas of body and it is not been done to reduce the weight of the body. It is been performed on certain problem areas of the body such as thighs, buttocks and others that are not able to respond well to exercise and diet. Other areas that are also been treated are face, neck, legs, abdomen, upper arms and back.

Liposuction is also been done along with other surgery options such as tummy tuck, face lift and breast reduction. It helps to treat certain medical conditions such as:

– Abnormal enlargement of the male breasts

– Benign fatty tumors

– Excessive sweating in the area of arm pit

– Problem with metabolism of fat in the body

However, it is important to note that liposuction does not help in treating obesity. It will not help the people to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite. This kind of procedure is effective at removing the fat deposits from specific areas of the body. However, if a person regains fat after liposuction then the fatty bulges which was removed may appear or return in different place. After this procedure, some improvement in the body shape is been noticed immediately after the surgery. The trends of improvement will show continuously as swelling caused due to this procedure goes away gradually. Its effect may also take several months or may be a year to show.

Liposuction usually does not tighten the skin over targeted area. The skin around the target area tends to become loose once the fat has been removed. This will take some time and may take about six months for the skin to tighten. There are some people who have a very elastic skin that retracts quickly as compared to the skin of other people. Younger looking skins usually have higher elasticity as compared to the older ones.

Liposuction should be done always in a good center and the doctor at the center should be professional and should have expertise and knowledge to do this kind of treatment in a very safe and effective manner. If the area to be treated is large or if more than one area need to be treated then the chances of complications becomes higher. Here are some of the side effects that a person can have:

– Minor scathing and irritation around the incision sites can occur where the cannulas were inserted

– Temporary swelling combined with numbness, bruising and soreness may occur in and around the areas

– Rippling or baggy skin

For more information about liposuction visit

How Plastic Surgery Can Increase Your Standards of Beauty

Plastic surgery has made it very easy for you to improve your standards of beauty. You may have a certain part of your body which you consider is letting you down, you will easily get the part corrected after you decide to hire the best cosmetic surgeons. There are many cosmetic surgeons available, it is your duty to take your time and study different surgeons available for you to decide on one who will offer you the best services. Some of the factors which you should take into consideration for you to hire the best surgeons include the quality of services that the surgeons are known to offer. Surgeons who have a lot of experience are the best for you to hire in case you will like to achieve the best services. Here are ways through which plastic surgery can improve your standards of beauty:

Rhinoplasty helps in improving the look of your nose

You may feel like your nose is letting you down in terms of beauty. In such a case you will easily have the nose corrected for it to appear beautiful through rhinoplasty. There are many surgeons available who offer the services. You should take your time and locate the best surgeon who will offer you the best services. The best ways for you to go about it is to ask other people who have ever had the nose surgery.

Tummy tuck will lead you to developing a beautiful looking tummy

You may have a tummy that has bad shape, you will easily get the tummy shaped up after you decide to hire a surgeon who will carry out the tummy tuck surgery. There are many surgeons available whom you can hire and they will work on your tummy and ensure you achieve a tummy that is good looking. There are many people who have tried the methods and it has made them stay beautiful. You too will be among them after you decide to have the tummy tuck services in case your tummy is letting you down as far as beauty is concerned.

You can easily get rid of excess fats from your body through liposuction

You may have too much fats in certain parts of the body, you will easily get rid of the fats and have them injected in other parts of your body such as buttocks in case your buttocks are too small. This will lead you to developing butts which are good looking. For you to achieve the best look, you should first contact plastic surgeons who will advise you on the best methods that you can use. Due to advancement in technology, there are many tactics that can be employed. You should look for a facility that has all the necessary equipment required for you to achieve the best services. Instead of spending a lot of time trying to exercise so that you will achieve great shape, you can decide to make use of the surgical procedures and you will be assured of great look. The surgeons will work on different parts of your body to ensure they improve your standards of beauty.

Korea Seeks To Better Regulate Its Plastic Surgery Industry

As the number one destination for cosmetic surgery, more foreigners are travelling to Korea to improve their looks. Even though Korea has a good record in successful cosmetic surgery procedures, there have been cases of unprofessionalism and fraud. Now the Korean government is stepped up its efforts to better regulate one of its most popular industries.

In total, 266,000 people visited Korea for medical purpose in 2014 and a majority of these are believed to have undergone some form of cosmetic surgery. 30% of these visitors were Chinese followed by medical tourists from American, Russian and japan. Vietnam and Philippines make up the largest number of medical tourists to Korea from south East Asia.

According to Ministry of Health, plastic surgery in Korea is a multi million dollar industry and generates revenues of up to USD 670 million every year. To protect and ensure integrity of plastic surgery in Korea, the government has begun clamping down on unaccredited clinics and illegal medical brokers.

Currently, there is a steady increase in disputes and failed operations between foreign nationals and Korean cosmetic clinics. According to the Chinese Association of Plastic and Aesthetics, the number of Chinese nationals that have filed complains has risen to 15%. The association further says that majority of complains emanate from illegal brokers and inexperienced medical practitioners doing plastic surgery.

Many illegal brokers convince foreigners to undergo their cosmetic procedures in a certain clinic where they are charge exorbitantly only to realize later that they were charged ten times more than the normal cost. The brokers who referred them usually pocket huge commissions.

To combat this, the health ministry has introduced a platform to report illegal brokers. The website will help medical tourists in Korea avoid using illegal brokers as it will have detailed and updated information on the plastic surgery procedures available in Korea with their estimated prices to prevent them being overcharged.

To minimize botched cosmetic procedures, the ministry has issued guidelines that allow only certified and registered plastic surgeons to operate on foreigners. The Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons, which represents around 2,200 plastic surgeons have welcomed this move.

Dr. Park Sang Hyeon from the association says that they have faced stiff competition from general practitioners who are legally allowed perform plastic surgery in Korea but will now not be allowed to perform cosmetic procedures on foreigners.

Sand Hyeon believes the guidelines given will also reduce botched procedures as between 70-80% of plastic surgery accidents were cause by general practitioners.

The association has also started a website, available in Korean, English and Chinese contains a list of all its certified members to help foreigners seeking plastic surgery in Korea can check qualifications and accreditation of plastic surgeons.

In addition, the association is on the verge of installing cameras in theater rooms to prevent clinics from leaving cosmetic procedures entirely in the hands of interns and inexperienced practitioners. In the event of disputes with any Korean cosmetic clinics, foreigners are advised to seek assistance from state agencies like the Korean Medical Dispute and Arbitration Agency.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

There are many health benefits you will enjoy after you decide to carry out plastic surgery. The procedure can be carried out to correct different health complications. You can also carry out the procedure for you to improve your beauty. For you to achieve the best results out of the process, you should ensure you hire a surgeon who will offer you the best services. There are any surgeons available, you should always ensure you assess each of them before you decide on one. You should also learn about the health benefits and any side effects that may arise out of a certain plastic surgery procedure before you decide to undergo it. Here are some of the benefits of plastic surgery which you should know:

Improves physical appearance

You may feel like your physical appearance is not the best, you can easily improve the appearance after you decide to consult a surgeon who will offer you the necessary surgical procedures that will lead you to having a great shape. The procedure can be carried out on different parts of the body. For example, you can have the plastic surgery procedure used to reshape your nose, improve the shape of your butt through butt lift among other procedures.

Plastic surgery can be used to improve your posture

Sometimes you may develop poor posture due to your body weight. For example, having oversize breasts can lead you to developing bad shape, you will easily get the best shape after you decide to contact plastic surgeon who will offer you breast reduction surgery which will ensure you reduce the mass that you carry on your chest so that you will achieve great posture. This will lead you to enjoying a lot of health benefits associated with having good posture. For example, good posture will avoid you complications related to your spine.

Improving Breathing

The shape of your nose and septum can lead you to developing breathing problems. You will easily get rid of the breathing problems after you decide to work closely with surgeons who will offer you corrective surgical procedures. Sometimes you may just discover your nose is too big. You will easily get the nose into the best position after you decide to seek the services of plastic surgeons. Even if you have been involved in an accident where you ended up injuring your nose, the surgeons will easily correct the problem.

Reduced risk of heart conditions

Too much cholesterol in the body can lead you to developing heart problems. You will easily get rid of the heart problems after you decide to reduce the amount of cholesterol in your body. It will be easier for you to get rid of excess cholesterol from your body after you decide to make use of surgical process as opposed to when you will employ other methods such as dieting. Remember when dieting you will take a lot of time before you can get rid of cholesterol from your body. It is unlike when you will visit a surgeon who will get rid of the excess fats from your body in hours.

Medical Tourism: Why Medical Travel Remains Popular

The phrase “medical tourism” was originally used to refer to the practice of traveling in search of affordable plastic and cosmetic surgery. Today, medical tourism, also called health tourism and medical travel, means the traveling in search of quality but affordable healthcare services. While many tourists are still traveling in search of a new face, millions of patients are also moving in search of life-saving surgeries.

Medical tourism is a booming business. The media and travel agencies have helped the practice to transform into an official industry in many countries. Countries such as Brazil, Thailand, China, Singapore, India, and Costa Rica have invested a lot of money to develop into the most popular medical tourism destinations.

Why is Medical Travel Popular?

High Cost of Medical Services

The cost factor is the greatest pusher of medical tourism. In many countries, people are finding it hard to pay skyrocketing medical bills. The bills are even higher for complex medical procedures and cosmetic surgery procedures. Many patients can save considerable amounts of money in affordable healthcare destinations. In many of the popular destinations, patients can expect to pay a third of what they would have paid in their developed country. In some instances, patients have reported 90% savings.

Quality Healthcare in Host Nations

Medical tourism is an important source of revenue for host countries. These countries treat it as a booming business. They have therefore invested billions of dollars to ensure that they remain competitive. To beat the competition, they have to offer quality services. They have also gone to great lengths to educate their doctors in western cities (san diego, new york, denver, milwaukee, etc) to allay fears of inferior medical care. Their clinics have also been seeking certification from global watchdogs to reassure patients. Some of the doctors in these clinics have also worked in hospitals in developed nations, and their patients have grown to trust them.

Fast Service

Some patients travel to avoid surgery queues in their countries. In many countries, waiting times for crucial medical procedures are often long and cumbersome. It’s even worse when the procedure is a non-emergency. Traveling patients can plan and schedule surgery before arrival. They can, therefore, get immediate medical attention.

Access to Experimental Medical Care Unavailable at Home

Due to strict regulation of medical practices, experimental procedures and drugs are rarely offered in developed countries. For many suffering patients, such experimental medicines and procedures can be a lifeline. Many suffering patients would rather be guinea pigs than suffer without hope. Countries like India are often willing to try out the new, controversial and experimental.

Medical tourism benefits are clear to the discerning medical consumer. With globalization, world solutions are available for domestic problems. Travel and medicine will remain, bedfellows until all countries work hard to make quality health care services affordable to all their residents.

Exploring the blurring lines in male vs female plastic surgery

Over the last two decades, the debate on male vs female plastic surgery has taken shape and raged on with no conclusion in sight. At around the year 1997, the number of men going for cosmetic procedures was to a large extent negligible. Back then, plastic surgery was considered a taboo for men, even for those in casual mainstream circles such as celebrities. Today, men are lining up in clinics for surgery, most of the times with their significant others lending support. Statistics show that a little over 10% of those going for procedures are men. While this percentage is still a far cry from the 90% boasted by women, it does show a huge shift in the way the idea of cosmetic fixes is viewed in current times.

Plastic surgery and women

Plastic surgery emanated from the desire of women in the mainstream to beat the rigors of age. As such, it is widely believed that some of the fundamental ideas of cosmetic procedures target the physical buildup of women. There was the initial fear that procedures designed for women would look old in the physique of a man. However, emerging methods seem to have dwarfed this logic and the modern man is going for treatments that were once considered feminine, such as face lifts and liposuction. Experts still warn that it pays to tread carefully because there are myriad procedures that simply do not fit in with men.

The connection between male and female plastic surgery

There has always been a great deal of pressure exerted on the woman when it comes to looks. Society is keen to portray good looking women as successful and eternally young. This explains why an overwhelming majority of females are going for surgeries that straighten up skin tissues and give them taut looks.

Two decades ago, a man’s looks were not seen as an important tenet to his success story. However, barriers have been broken down and the work environment has become ultra-competitive. The society has crossed a bridge in which males need to look their best around the office in order to impress those above them and seek promotions. In today’s word, a strong chin is a simple of success. A youthful look is associated with intelligence, ambition and aggression. These factors would explain why so many men are keen to stand out from the crowd. It therefore turns out that the same pressure and longing that led women to plastic surgery are the same ones pulling men in.

The role of the media in the whole cosmetic issue

The ideas of male and female plastic surgery have been largely explored by the mainstream media. While the motivations are the same, the outcomes are mostly different. For example, a man will go for a procedure that gives him strong, hard looks and firm jawlines while a woman will choose softer features that emphasize on her femininity and aura of daintiness.

For a long time now, the application of plastic surgery has been a domain firmly owned by women. However, statistics show that men are overcoming their inhibitions and joining the fray in numbers that swell by the day.


What Is Liposuction?

What is Liposuction? How does Liposuction work? Liposuction is when a surgeon breaks up fat and removes it. Fat cells are usually removed with suction. Liposuction removes fat forever!

Fat cells can carry excessive fat. If you have fat that you can pinch, there are probably some fat cells with excessive fat there. Looking at those fat cells with a microscope would reveal that those cells are full of fat. Liposuction extracts the excess fat part of those cells.

Liposuction fat removal requires incisions, but they are small incisions (3 to 4 millimeters long to be precise). A good plastic surgeon will make sure these incisions are done on parts of the body where they will be hidden from view like in a groin crease or inside a belly button.

Its surgery can be done in a plastic surgeon office or an operating room. Where liposuction surgery is done depends on the area of the body that will be receiving it, the type of surgery technology that will be used, and quantity of fat removal in the procedure. Therefore, where liposuction surgery is performed is based on the tools a plastic surgeon needs at his disposal and the health risks of the patient.

A fluid called Tumescent is injected into fat deposits which were discussed before the liposuction procedure. The Tumescent fluid slows bleeding and numbs the area. Then there is waiting for a certain specified time before the liposuction surgery begins. When the desired amount of fat removal has been reached, the liposuction procedure is stopped and the small incision is closed up. Because the liposuction incisions are so small, they usually only require one suture-knot each.

Once the liposuction surgery is complete, the liposuction procedure continues as you have a compression-garment put on that helps your skin tighten. There is soreness after liposuction surgery. It will feel like muscle soreness after a workout. Your recovery will depend on the extent of your areas on your body that received fat removal. Some need several days or more for recovery after the surgery.

There are a few different procedure types of liposuction surgery. Here are some of the different types of liposuction:

  • Traditional Liposuction which is the mechanical break-down of fat and then suction removal of fat
  • Ultrasonic Liposuction which means that fat removal is done by melting fat with sound waves and then fat removal by suction of the fat
  • Laser Based Liposuction also melts the fat but with a laser. Suction removal of the fat in this kind of liposuction is optional.

Some of the decisions you will need to talk about with your plastic surgeon before the liposuction procedure is where to place the incisions that will be cut during liposuction surgery and what liposuction technology will be best for your body and preferences.

Tummy Tuck: When Should You Consider It?

Many women struggle to get a flat stomach after pregnancy. Exercise and diet may not always be effective when you are trying to get back your pre-baby body and this can leave you discouraged. You may have a lot of loose skin after losing a lot of weight. This is where a tummy tuck comes in. The procedure is designed to get rid of loose skin to give you a better looking stomach. Various situations can make a tummy tuck necessary.

Loose Ab Muscles

Ab muscles can loosen especially after pregnancy but this should not worry you. A tummy tuck will pull the muscles together to make them firmer and tighter, giving you a flat stomach.

 Skin Laxity

Tummy tucks are recommended if you have severe skin laxity. The procedure will improve your skin’s appearance, allowing you to wear any kind of outfit. Skin laxity can occur after pregnancy or significant weight loss. This is because skin tends to stretch when you put on weight. Exercise or diets can help to get rid of the fat but these solutions do not address skin laxity. Undergoing a tummy tuck provides a more effective approach.

 Limited Clothing Options

If you are still wearing your pregnancy pants several months after having a baby, a tummy tuck can be quite helpful. The procedure will also be suitable if you still feel embarrassed in a bathing suit after losing weight. You get unlimited clothing options with a tummy tuck.

 Stretch Marks

If you have tried several solutions to eliminate annoying stretch marks on your abdomen with little success, a tummy tuck can be effective. The tuck will get rid of your excess skin and some of the stretch marks. They will also be less visible once the skin tightens. Your flat stomach will get a lot more attention, making the stretch marks almost undetectable.

 Low Self Esteem

It is difficult to feel good about yourself when you have hanging skin on your stomach. A tummy tuck can restore your confidence. Improved confidence can change various aspects of your life including relationships and career. You are more likely to achieve your goals when you feel great. This procedure can make you feel more secure when it comes to your appearance.

You do not have to live with loose and hanging skin after dieting or exercise. Improve your appearance even further by getting a tummy tuck. It is the best way to get that sculpted waistline you desire.